Monday, August 29, 2011

To be the hulk...

Often when I am around my friends, or anyone really, and I am referring to losing my temper I tend to say that I am 'hulking up'. I'm sure you all remember the movie where dude gets angry and turns into a large green monster.

Well, when I hulk up, you shouldn't expect a large green male monster... more of a pink, sparkly, giant barbie. You can also expect my eyes to shoot fire and breakables to be hurled at your head. What can I say? When you mix cajun tempers with Irish tempers, you come out with a short blonde who has a horrible habit of letting her anger get the best of her... we'll call it... passionate. ;)

Anywho, what brought this particular blog on was a quote: "Don't make me angry... you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...". Straight fro the hulk himself. I think it's a quote that describes my temper so well that I thought that it should be shared.

So, how do you guys deal with your temper when it flares?


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