Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sexy Saturdays: 'Pirates' Review.

Ladies and Gents,

I do understand that pornography is not for everyone... in general, men watch more than women and women catch more flack for watching than men.

So, Dearests, Let me introduce you to lady friendly pornography. Thanks to Johnny Depp and ECU, I have a fascination with Pirates. Enter, Pirate porn. Picture what you wish had happened during all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies between the ridiculously hot characters... Yep, that's what this is.

It's a six disk set that is roughly 80 minutes and has one of the highest budgets of any porn in the industry. The graphics are awesome, and actresses and actors are hot. The story line is interesting. Yes, there is an actual plot! So while one is not drooling over the sex scenes one can be entertained by the plot line.

Though the plot line is interesting, you may expect some typical 'Porn' acting... cliche lines (i.e. Let me hold your sword, Captain) said in sultry voices, etc.

At any rate, if you are a first time porn watcher and want a 'couple pleasing' porn, I recommend this one. It's great watched together or separately and is well received by people of all experience levels.

'Pirates' did so well that they made a sequel. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60-$80 for the box sets, but they are well worth the time.

I recommend giving it a shot... even ladies who do not particularly like porn have raved about 'Pirates'.


Sweet Tea and Cookies Ya'll!
Captain Belle.



  1. I agree. Just like with regular movies, the sequels are rarely as good as the original.

    As far as porns go, both of them are better than some that are out there...