Monday, August 15, 2011

My Day...

Good Lord... you guys are NOT going to believe my day today.

It started off with me getting NO sleep last night. I ended up being late to my appointment for getting my implanon removed... or so I thought. I was actually like two hours early. The removal wasn't too terrible, they did a good job. But, I do have an inch long incision on my arm that is a little tender. I'll write about my experiences with Implanon some other time.

Then I get a phone call from my Mom and my teenage siblings are smoking pot and are sexually active. Great right? When did girls start cheapening themselves? Young girls will hand their virginity over to ANY loser... what happened to holding out until you were at least in love with someone (or thought you were, you know how teenage love is)? At least making it special? Now it's like handing out a piece of gum... no big deal. I mean, I realize this makes me sound like a prude (and we all know that I'm not)... but I just think that 13 is too young... when I was 13 (and delusional), I thought I was going to lose my virginity to Brad Pitt. Not to some jobless high school drop out with no car, no personal hygiene, no future and the kind of STD's that you cannot wash off with gasoline and a match.

Okay, so after the operation on my arm and family teenage crisis, I go to my first class at the local community college (I'm dual enrolling at the local community college and ECU to speed up my degree). Now, the first part of the class, as usual on the first day was spent reviewing the important parts of the syllabus. Let me start out by saying that the professor appears to be awesome and has a personality similar to mine. But, the poor lady had to spend like 45 minutes going over the following things:

Why you cannot and should not bring your children to class.
What to do in the event of a fire drill or tornado.
What to do if you think you are going to throw up (public speaking class)

Yes. To a class of adults, these things must be addressed. Not that I am knocking adults going bakc to school, or anyone going to community college (any college is better than no college right? Ideally, it's still more money and a better job). Okay, let me start out by saying that if anyone brings their little brats (I mean 'angels') to class, I am dropping out and demanding my money back. I did not pay tuition to have to babysit your kids instead of learning. No. I refuse to accept that this even HAPPENS! And when I told a friend of mine about it, she said that it happens all the time up north. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! NEVER in a MILLION YEARS (yes, all caps are necessary today) would this be acceptable at ECU, NC State, UNC Willmington, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke... or hell, lets go higher and say Princeton, Harvard, or Brown! I refuse to even consider taking a class where children are allowed to run around my desk.

There were also like 45 year old women getting mad because the professor said that she will count you absent if you were more than 10 minutes late. Hello! It's a 1 hour class, 1 night a week. Put on your big girl panties and stop wasting my time... If you have a 'personal issue', email the professor on YOUR time. What happened to classroom courtesy? Don't waste other student's time if it can be addressed outside of class between you and the professional.

Then, I stop by work to visit for a second and one of the girls was asking me about my first class (and was as shocked as I was)... meanwhile the other one got all irritated and was like 'Well, some of them are single mothers who are trying to better themselves' and 'maybe you should have stayed at the university'. Let me address those in order: A) If you are a single parent trying to better yourself, then I commend you... but that doesn't mean that you are excused from paying $5 for someone to babysit your child for an hour 1 night per week and B) I didn't leave the university. Needless to say, I'm guessing she's the type to bring her kid to class...

Anywho, I feel like this has been a long, ridiculous day. I'm finally relaxing, eating a Jello Temptations (Yum) and watching Family Guy. Tomorrow is going to be a long day too...


Sweet Tea and Cookies, Ya'll!
The Exasperated Mrs. Belle

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  1. I would fucking die if someone brought kids to a college class.

  2. That is exactly what I thought! Who does that?