Friday, August 12, 2011

I dream of chocolate...

... No really, I did.

I took an afternoon nap today (it was my first day off in a while, no judging!... plus, I love naps.) and I had a dream that someone denied me chocolate and that I threw an adult tantrum. No joke. I dreamed that I threw a tantrum. Feet stomping, tonsels bursting, window shattering, screaming tantrum. And... it worked.

I'm not sure what that says about my life but if I had to guess, I would say it means that one should never stand between a woman and her chocolate.

Here's some photos of Godiva chocolate to tempt my followers as much as I am. I am a huge white chocolate fan myself... but here's some pics for everyone:

Haha! Be tempted, my sweets!

Sweet Tea and Cookies Ya'll!
The Chocolate Loving Mrs. Belle



  1. Too funny. I have been craving a doughnut all evening.

  2. You dreamed correctly! Guess who has a new recipe?? MOI! I am making a chocolate pound cake with a chocolate glaze tomorrow so get your keister down here!!!

  3. Liz, I have been thinking about a donut today but not a chocolate one... I've been craving one of the raspberry jam filled ones with glaze and loads of powder sugar!

    Emmy Lou, you know that the combination of your amazing cooking and chocolate would be enough to rouse me out of a comatose state! Thou shalt not taught your Lela with chocolate pound cake with glaze FROM ANOTHER STATE! All I can really say is *Drool*... It's not lady like, but I am a harlot when it comes to chocolate, especially white chocolate.