Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sexy Saturdays: Introducation!

Welcome All to Sexy Saturdays!

Because of my job working at Adam and Eve, I have decided to share some of my new found 'knowledge' to help my followers out in their own bedrooms. Some Saturdays, I'll be reviewing new products, giving advice, or sharing new things that I have learned.

The way I see it, the majority of us enjoy sex and it's something that all of us can agree on in some way, shape or form. Luckily, the industry is coming out with new things all the time that we can use to heighten our sexual experiences.

So, I have some ideas for my first few Sexy Saturday blogs but if anyone has any suggestions, questions, etc, feel free to let me know!



  1. Oooh! I love sex talk, my fav :) My boyfriend and I do all kinds of crazy things and toys to keep things super fun and interesting. Looking forward to this <3

  2. Ahem... Is their a friend discount...