Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Sick!

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday everyone!

Well, the weekend has been fairly uneventful with the exception of the fact that both me and the hubster woke up this morning feeling like death warmed over.

We are both stiff, stuffy, unbalanced, coughing (then agonizing over how much coughing hurts the rest of our bodies), and just miserable in general.

It's odd that we are sick at the same time... thus far in our marriage, we have managed (usually) to be sick at alternating times so that one of us can care for the other while we are sick.

At any rate, the two of us are what I like to call TERRIBLE sick people... we are pitiful and ridiculous and we do not take to being sick at all.

It's not how I planned on spending this Sunday, but it is what it is.

Sweet Tea and Cookie's, Ya'll!
Writing to you from the infirmary,
Mrs. Belle



  1. Hope you feel better soon! Love your blog design!

  2. Thanks Lauren! It's nice to meet you!

  3. I am feeling a little better... dayquil is working for me. Now I am going to have to take nyquil to get to sleep.

    Thank you for the well wishes! :)