Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Fantasy Careers...

Hi! Every day, I find a new job that tickles my fancy. So, I thought I would make a list.

1) FBI Profiler- Criminal Minds, to which I am addicted, makes me want this job.
2) Coyote Ugly Bartender- If I had the body to do it, I would. It appeals to the performer in me, as well as the lush in me. Could that get any better?
3) NFL Cheerleader- I miss cheerleading...
4) Novelist- I love to write (obviously).
5) Vegas Showgirl- Again, if I had the body to dance around in heels and thrill crowds, I would!
6) Professional Barrel Racer- I love barrel racing!
7) Jockey- It would have to feel like you are flying.
8) Professional equestrian- I just love horses.
9) Equine Veterinarian- My first career choice for most of my life... It would have taken too long to achieve though.
10) Lawyer- Arguing as a profession? AWESOME!

My number one career choice? All time favorite? I want to be a PRINCESS! Yes. I want the gowns, the responsibility, the politics, the awesomeness... all of the above! Granted, I've been raised as a 'princess' and told that I am a 'princess' but to be a real princess must be a thrill! It's like the best parts of a bunch of different jobs all rolled into one with a ballgown and a tiara included. Of course, a handsome prince is a must. ;)

What are your dream jobs?

Sweet Tea and Cookie's Ya'll!
Princess Belle!


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