Monday, August 5, 2013

My Old Profile... This is who I was.

"I am your average Southern belle in love with a man in uniform and so much more.
I am 23 and married to a Marine who joined the North Carolina National Guard after he EAS'd... active duty, not weekend warrior. He is my Hero and the love of my life and I am his own personal terrorist.

I'm an ECU student where I am going for my Communications degree with a business minor and then on to my masters in business management. Currently, I am also dual enrolled at Johnston Community college in an attempt to get my degree here faster. I am also a proud member of a Christian social sorority at ECU called Phi Beta Chi. 

 I am known as a deeply patriotic humanitarian. I support my country, God and our troops (especially mine). I am an aspiring wedding planner and find so much happiness in helping brides make the most of their big day. I am also a former model, equestrian, cowgirl, cheerleader, Latin ballroom dancer, coin collector and I have an addiction to coffee with liquid creamer. I am a fan of all things romantic. I love to bake and I make attempts at gardening, but my poor flowers will attest that I am not very good at it.

I devote a lot of my time to my animals and South Heartland Rescue, the rescue that I founded for Arctic breed dogs: Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, American Eskimos, Samoyeds, and Alaskan Klee Kais. I personally have two horses, Satin and her daughter Tannon as well as my two American Eskimos, my incorrigible Bella (3) and my proper lady, Alaska (9),  a wonderful Siberian Husky, Midas (5) who is a complete Mama's boy, and my brave Points (7) a husky mix who keeps my Grandmother company but even though he doesn't live with me at the moment, he isn't far from my heart. Giving a loving home to Midas, Bella, Alaska and Points was the start of South Heartland Rescue, after my husband encouraged me to find more Nordics in need of forever homes just like our fur children once needed. 

My husband and I are child free by choice because to be honest, and I almost always am, I don't really like children. And no, we do not feel like we are missing out on anything. Our lives are content the way that they are and are getting better all the time. We are both also Christians (United Methodist), and do not care whether or not other people are. I do not judge other people as I do not feel that it is my place. Placing judgement on other people (be it for their lifestyles, religion, appearances etc) is what separates ladies from street trash. A real lady never judges a book by it's cover. Sadly, that is one of the places where me being a 'real lady' ends. 

Real ladies are obedient and polite: I am ill tempered, snide, vain, selfish and have absolutely no intention of being obedient. I am also completely and 100% Awesome. I tend to make an adventure out of everything and spend a lot of time laughing and making other people laugh. I curse like a sailor. Pink of my favorite color and I love anything that sparkles or has glitter... I'm a Barbie like that. However, I don't mind getting muddy and girls that do tend to annoy me. I ride four wheelers, get muddy and drive a large and impressive Nissan Titan.

I'm sweeter than a pitcher of tea to those I love but I can burn like good whiskey if you get me fired up! Devout Football fan, I love the New Orleans Saints (Who Dat?) and the Green Bay Packers. On game day, I can always be found cheering on Clay Matthews III, who is quite easy on this girl's eyes. I also support my college teams, The LSU fighting Tigers and the ECU fighting Pirates. I bleed purple and gold like most other ECU students. Arghh!

I love meeting new people and I appreciate all of my followers.
This blog contains the chronicles of my life: memories, dreams, explanations, tributes, goals, etc. From my heart to my blog, both in the middle of nowhere, and both  are surrounded by love, regardless of location.

Sweet tea and cookies y'all, 

Mrs. Belle"


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