Monday, October 10, 2011

How to know if your significant other is a loser...

So, Lately my friends have been dating *GASP*... well... losers. I, though normally chomping at the bit to give my opinion, I am loath to hurt their feelings.

So. Here we go.

How to tell that you are dating a loser.

1) If they are perfectly okay putting an addiction of any kind before you. I understand that there are people who are battling their addictions and blah blah blah... well, if they are okay putting their pills, alcohol, gambling, hooker addictions etc ahead of your, your feelings, and your well being then he/she is a LOSER. Rule #1: You should always come conditionally first to your significant other... or, that's right, they are LOSERS. In that case, find someone else. There are MILLIONS of other people who are not addicted to illegal (or legal) substances who would love to have a decent person to love. Perhaps you can bond over the losers that you used to date...

2) If they have a criminal record, full of things that should never have happened and the only thing longer than their record is their list of excuses, you, my friend, are dating a loser. The only thing worse than dating a criminal (of any kind), is dating a criminal that refuses to take responsibility of their criminal actions. No, Eminem did not make you jack a car... and no, you're imperfect Mama did not cause you to steal at TV... and no, alcohol did not MAKE you stab someone in a bar. We blame our actions on other people in Kindergarden. Now, we take responsibility for our actions.

3) If they have several children by several different partners and do not care for them. Yeah, common sense. Multiple children with multiple partners and then shunning the responsibility of said children... LOSER!

4) If they CONSTANTLY use you for money, rides, sex, etc... LOSER!

5) If they have trouble being faithful... LOSER!

6) If you find out on accident that they have an STD... and didn't tell you. LOSER!

7) If they treat their parents like crap (without reason... but even with reason, can't we all just be coolly polite? Or even haughty sociable?).... LOSER!

8) If they pretend to be smarter than they are because they dropped out of high school and then watch shows like 'Burn Notice' and try to convince those around them of their 'deep thoughts', 'philosophies', and 'intelligence'. Coughcough LOSER coughcough!

9) If they are constantly trying to one up people with LIES about things that they wish that they did. We all know someone like that... the one that if you successfully cook a steak on your grill, then they've (supposedly) studied culinary arts under a french chef... only then you find out that they really didn't and that they lied about the whole thing to steal your thunder. Why would they do that? Because they are a LOSER!

10) If they lay their hands on you in anger and violence, you are dating a loser... and a loser that deserves to be in jail. Do NOT be so hungry for love that you allow someone to beat, assault, molest, rape, or demean you in any way. This goes both ways... There are men that allow their women to hit them because they think 'it's okay for women to hit men but I can't hit her back because it's not okay for men to hit women'. No. It is not okay for anyone to hit anyone. Ever. It is abuse and detrimental to your physical, emotional, and mental health. Do not allow yourself to fall into this category and if you already fall into this category, get in touch with me. I will tell you how to get out of it. I will explain to you in detail why it is not okay... why you do not deserve to be tortured in the name of love.

As always, my wonderful readers, I write because I care. I truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone. There is someone out there who will love and cherish you for you without you having to jump through flaming hoops or dodge drunken fists. Believe that you are more valuable than that. Have some faith in yourself and your worth.

Sweet Tea and Cookie's Ya'll!
Mrs. Belle


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