Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Angels Everywhere?

So, I've decided to toss some religion out there in my blog today. Kinda..

Anyway, I was on a hunt for a long line bra today to wear under my dress for the ball tomorrow and my search landed me at Belk at one point. Well, I was clumsily explaining to the 'fit specialist' in the bra section what I was looking for, and that I would settle for a different undergarment if it would have the same effect. As those of us 'fluffier' women know, trying to explain to another woman about ANYTHING that involves our weight, fat rolls, back fat, etc is hellish and should be used as a form of capital punishment... it ranks up there with some of the most uncomfortable necessary conversations in the world.

So anyway, I'm there talking to this employee and explaining to her my undergarment needs, when another lady stepped up. She had been hovering so that she could ask a question to the employee and happened to overhear my problem and offered up a few suggestions. I think that she realized my mortification, and perhaps noticed the embarrassed flush creeping up my neck (I was not embarrassed that she had heard, just that I was having to have this conversation at all) and she told me that in no way am I fat and that I should embrace myself that I was beautiful. It was such an unexpected, great thing to say at a time when I needed to hear it.

I know that a lot of people tell other people that they are not fat, look great in those pants, etc out of obligation... but this was not it. She was honestly sincere. It was in her eyes... she meant it! She even hugged me and, oddly enough, it made me feel better. It was one of those things where I came home and looked at myself in the mirror and thought "You know what, not so bad...".

So, long story short, angels are everywhere. :)

Sweet Tea and Cookie's, Ya'll!
Mrs. Belle


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