Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me...

Today is my 24th Birthday and... it feels just like every other day.

Isn't it odd that after your 21st Birthday, you don't really have another milestone until you're 40? Birthdays in between them just kind of... pass. I miss being able to have a big birthday party with cake and presents and all my childhood friends. Now we are all so different that it would be odd if we were all in the same room again for a party.

But remember how awesome childhood birthday parties were? Pinatas, games, a table full of presents? And then, you reach an age where you want to be 'grown up' and have 'grown up' parties... like boy/girl parties, co-ed sleepovers, alcohol...

Then you get 'grown up' and you want your childhood parties back. Back when you didn't have to plan it, worry about who will get along with who, who will pay for what, etc etc.

Where is the fun?

My Mom and my sisters are coming up tonight and my friend bought me a cake. Mr. Belle gets to leave the armory 2 hours early. So, I will have family here and a few friends and I'm sure we will have fun. A little shopping, dinner, cake.

Maybe for just a little while, I can stop thinking about Alaska and crying.

Wish me luck.

Sweet Tea and Cookie's, Ya'll!
Mrs. Belle


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