Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thursday Thrift Store Finds!

Okay, I know that it isn't Thursday and that I am a few days late (3 days to be exact) I wanted to go ahead and start his blog.

A lot of people avoid thrift stores etc because they think of the items in there as 'used' and gross. Well, that really isn't the case! I go into thrift stores to look around every chance I get and I find (and buy) some awesome things!

This past week, I went to a thrift store near my house that benefits the 'Me Fine' Foundation. It's called 'Second Hope' (See Facebook Page Here). For those of you who do not know about the 'Me Fine' Foundation, please go see their site... it's a story of a beautiful, brave little boy who would smile in the face of Leukemia and make the best of each day. Whenever the staff at the hospital or his family would ask him how he was doing, Folden Lee IV would say 'Me Fine!' with a big smile.

At any rate, this little consignment shop is great and they have great things inside. If you are ever headed down US Hwy 70 near Princeton, NC stop in. The staff is amazing and you are bound to meet great people, find awesome buys, and every penny goes to the 'Me Fine' foundation in honor of little Folden.

Check out my treasures!

I got these two necklace charms because they are adorable:
This little bejeweled flip flop screams summer time to me!

Cute right?
I got this necklace charm because it tuggs at my inner coin collecting dork, even though it isn't a real coin:
I'm a dork, I know ;)
These two books (JD Robb a.k.a Nora Roberts is a thriller and the Inspired Love book is a Christian Romance Novel). They were only 50 Cents Each!
I love to read novels...
These three bracelets and watch caught my eye too. I haven't worn a watch in YEARS and this one just screams 'Mrs. Belle!' I've worn it to work all week and can you say LOVE?! One of the bracelets is a stretchy bracelet that is made up of wine theme charms (thought of you Immediately Mrs. Monologues!) and it appealed to my inner Lush. The other charm bracelet has shoe charms.. Yes. Shoes. Flip Flops, Heels, Wedges... all of my favorites! I love the third bracelet just because of it's jeweled simplicity. The colors match nearly everything in my wardrobe and it just screams spring/summer time and fun!
The first view of my 'Lush' bracelet

You should see this bracelet... it is lovely!

My newest every day accessory

Shoes! Love!

A Second View of my 'Lush bracelet
I also got this flag. I'll come back and add a picture of it flying when I can get it hung. It is presh!
I can't wait to hang this!
This shell necklace and earring combo is Awesome in person! the pictures do not do it justice! They also match the watch and we all know that matching accessories are a must!
So pretty in person!
Here is a group shot for the full effect!
That's a lot of loot, right?

Now, for fun, let's guess what I spent... ready? $48. All of this cute stuff for less than $50 AND that $50 went towards a great cause in name of a brave little boy. Could it get any better, this blogger asks? I think not!

Long story short, Lovelies, do not shy away from thrift stores in the area! A) you can find great things at great prices and B) you could support a worthy cause!

Sweet Tea and Cookies, Ya'll!
Mrs. Belle


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