Thursday, September 15, 2011

Those without children need not apply...

Okay, so I had someone on a military wife forum that I talk on tell me that not wanting children is 'weird' and 'unnatural'... then she followed up by saying that women were put on earth to have children and that if they are choosing not to have children, then  they are not doing God's will. She said that 'ALL women should have children'.

Well, this certainly is news to me. For those of you who do not know, my husband and I are happily child free by choice. We are not 'childless' which would imply that we are missing something... and I assure you that we are not.

So, all in one breath, this hussy told me that I'm weird, unnatural, wrong and that I am not doing God's work.Ya'll, I must say that for a full 10 seconds or so I could not find a damn thing to say. Her blatant sexism and stupidity literally sucked all of the words out of my mouth. As you can imagine, I do not find myself speechless very often.

My first thought was: What a thing to say? Women have worked hard the past 100 years to get us the rights that we have today so that we do not have to stay pregnant 9 months out of every 12. We can vote. We can say 'No'! We can wear pants. We can ride horses sitting astride instead of in a side saddle... and for those of you who have never had that experience, let me assure you that it is a pain in the arse, but I digress. It infuriated me that even though *I* am not a feminist (if there is a man around to open a door or life a heavy box, then why should I?), I do believe in women's rights and the fact that there are women out there who are blatantly trying to ruin it for the rest of us! It literally was like watching the evolution of women's rights backtrack.

My second thought was: HOW DARE YOU?! How dare you use my religion to insult me or imply that I am doing anything other than what I should be doing? How dare you tell me that I am unnatural? I am a Christian. I do go sit my tail in church on Sunday. I do try to live the right kind of life. I am kind to others. I am generous. I am a good person... but none of that matters all because I have a uterous and I'm not using it? What if I cured AIDS... that work would be worthless because I do not have a screaming child ruining other people's dinner? Ridiculous.

My husband and I made the right choice for us. It's not the choice for everyone, but it is for us at this time. To judge us for that makes me want to kick my mailbox.

And yes, I know that I shouldn't let one idiot anger me so much... but she isn't the only one! There are millions of people just like her who look at us and say "Wow, I can't imagine my life without my kids... your lives must be so empty!"... Ugh... No. My life is full of things that you cannot do with children. For example, on a whim (and with enough cash) I can pick up and go to Ireland for a month or more. I can travel and study abroad. I can spend my extra cash on me instead of buying Barbie's and school clothes for a child. I can worry about ME and MY HUSBAND and OUR DOGS and that is IT! Yes, it is mildly selfish. I am a selfish person... hence why I do not need children. I feel like my life should be about me and my husband. Just us. No one competing for our attention and taking us away from each other... none of that mess.

I like our life just the way it is and to have someone tell me that I am 'unnatural' for it? It makes me want to drink.

Sweet Tea and Cookie's Ya'll!
The 'Unnatural' Mrs. Belle


  1. I love that you use the word "ya'll". :) When I read your blog, you have a Paula Dean southern drawl kind of voice! LOL.

  2. In real life, I do have a Paula Dean southern drawl... :)