Monday, September 19, 2011

My Nerves are Shot!

For those that do not know, my husband has been gone for the majority of the last two months. He is hopefully coming home at the end of this week from a hellacious stay in the desert of California (Desert Opps... fun fun fun!).

So, I have been in a mad rush to get everything ready. You know, make sure the house is clean and do most of his chores so that when he gets here, he doesn't have to immediately jump on the broken lawn mower, etc. I've hired a guy to help me out with the yard (and there is still SO much to be done before Courtney's wedding in November) and have arranged someone to come get the lawn mower and fix the blasted thing. I mean, the boys have been under lots of physical and emotional distress the past few weeks (again, hurray for Desert Opps!): They are sleep deprived, hungry, covered in sand, spent 24 hours being flooded (after which their clothes got moldy and made them sick), sick, moldy, stinky... and he spent his 26th Birthday out there like that. I figure the man will be ready for a hot shower, good food, clean clothes, and playing spell with his dog children, a nap, and then a night with his wife. It's the least of what he deserves, right?

I'm also planning his birthday party for this weekend... family, friends, church members etc are gathering up at my house to celebrate his birthday belatedly. Another reason to have the place spiffed up a little bit. :)

On top of that, I'm still trying to keep up with all of my classes from both ECU and JCC... Ahhhh!

I'm also still working. And you know, you just have to wonder for how long one must shoulder EVERYTHING? Is part of being an adult going through life feeling like you are juggling chainsaws?


On the bright side, the hubby will be home soon (Goodbye Loneliness!) and I will eventually graduate... leaving me with like 3 degrees at which I will stare and drool.

So, if you have been wondering why I have not posted the past few days? Well, it's because I am yanking out my hair by the roots.

Sweet Tea and Cookies, Ya'll!
The busy Bee,
Mrs. Belle


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